LEND logo of a Texas outline and three figures inside holding hands around a star

The Autism Consortium of Texas (ACT) LEND seeks to train graduate students, family members, and self-advocates in culturally informed diagnosis, support, and advocacy for children with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities throughout the Capital Region and Central Texas.

The 9-month training opportunity includes coursework, seminars, research and presentation opportunities, mentorship, hands-on experiences in clinical or community-based settings. Stipends are available for long-term trainees.

An image of the 2023-24 ACT LEND Cohort; they are arranged in two rows framed by trees and shrubs.

The 2023-24 ACT LEND Cohort

If you have further questions, please contact ACT LEND Director, Dr. Sandy Magaña or Senior Administrative Program Coordinator, Leslie Jackson at: