UCEDD Overview

The Texas Center for Disability Studies is one of sixty-seven nonprofit University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) based largely in colleges or universities throughout the United States and territories.

We are an interdisciplinary team composed of professionals at the university level, persons with disabilities from state, regional and local communities, statewide service providers, and advocacy organization specialists.

All of our activities are guided by a belief in individualized supports, inclusion, self-determination, natural supports, and collaboration with organizations to address policy issues and systemic change.

Learn more about the UCEDD network here.  

Association of University Center Councils

The Texas Center for Disability Studies has a representative on each Council established by the Board of Directors of AUCD. These Councils are comprised of experts in the field to help the leadership address emerging trends and issues, and to facilitate communication across and beyond the AUCD network. See below for the Texas Center on Disability Studies Council representation.