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Texas Center for Disability Studies at the University of Texas Austin


Mailing Address:

10100 Burnet Road, Ste. 1.154

Bldg. 137, L4000

Austin, TX  78758


GPS Address:

2901 Read Granberry Trail
Austin, TX 78758


Telephone:  512-232-0740

Fax:  512-232-0761



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View our office map here: 

As you enter the JJ Pickle campus off of Burnet Road stop at the guard hut and share that you have a meeting at the Commons. Park in the lot/street behind the building at Read Granberry Trail and Exploration Way. We will provide a parking pass to you upon arrival. The east entrance to our office is located on the far left of the building where you will see steps leading to two glass doors (big red arrows on the map). Accessible access to these doors is located to the right. The west entrance also has an accessible entrance but you will go in the double doors then turn right down the hallway. Press the white button on the gray speaker to alert the office you are here. We will guide you the remainder of the way.Our office is 512-232-0740