Texas Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network

About the Texas ADDM Project

As the second largest state in population and second largest in land area, Texas captures much of the diversity in population and geography observed throughout the United States. These features significantly contribute to existing public health surveillance of autism and developmental disabilities, especially considering the impact of health disparities among children and youth with autism and their families. 

Members of the ADDM team will engage with education and health sites throughout Bexar County to capture cases of autism and developmental disabilities within education and medical records. The team will work with community organizations, including the Act Early Ambassadors, and other providers to provide training, disseminate data and surveillance outcomes, and share resources on early autism and developmental screening. 

These activities should result in greater adoption of valid and reliable tools for autism and developmental screening, increasing the number of children identified in early childhood and the number of children enrolled in early services, including early intervention services. As these activities will be conducted in a minority-majority county and state, the expectation is that these outcomes will alleviate health disparities in autism and developmental disabilities significantly.

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