ACT LEND Poster Symposium 2022-23

Virtual Group work with Autistic Adults: Best practices and Lessons Learned
Author: Michelle Adler • Social Work

Elevating Clinician Awareness for ASD/IDD: A Multifactorial Approach
Author: Kate Carley • Physical Therapy

Culturally Responsive Transition Planning for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students with Autism Spectrum, Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities
Author: Jaekyung Willows • Equity and Diversity in Special Education

Author: Larissa Minner • Self-Advocacy

ACT LEND Research Practicum Experience: Sibwatch Research Study Coding
Authors: Annabel Garza • Special Education || Olivia Helm • Speech-Language Pathology

Dysphagia: Impact on People with Developmental DisabilitiesAcross the Life Course
Authors: Catherine “Kate” Harwood • Self-Advocacy || Cara C. Young • Social Work/Nursing

Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR) testing in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Authors: Lauren Daniels • Audiology || Sarah Blyth • Family Leadership

An Exploration of Adaptive Behavior Abilities in Children with ASD in Mono- or Multi-lingual Homes
Author: Heena Panjwani • School Psychology

DSM and Teacher's Report Form (TRF) Disparities Across Primary Home Language
Author: Cristal Martinez • Psychology

Care Transition Gaps In Healthcare From Pediatrics To Adults With IDD
Author: Angela McCarty • Family Leadership

ACT LEND 2022-23 (Pictorial Review)
Author: Nico Nelson • Public Health

Knowledge Brokering: Synthesizing New User-Friendly Resources for Parents of Children with Developmental Disabilities
Authors: Alex Nolan • Special Education || Kathryn Carley • Physical Therapy || Carlos Hernandez • Nursing

PODER Research Study
Author: Christiana Stubblefield • Communication Sciences