Strategic Health Alliance (SHA)

The mission of Strategic Health Alliance is to optimize the well-being and brain health of all Texas. 

There is tremendous new research on how to improve brain health and wellness while reducing risks in ways that were unimaginable a decade ago.  While many people are aware that social, community and environmental factors impact both our health choices and options, it is hard to know how to act on this information.  Our life circumstances trigger gene expression before birth and throughout life.   However, most policies, systems, and services that touch our lives are not utilizing this information and often neither are we.  That’s why Strategic Health Alliance engages volunteers from an array of systems, disciplines, organizations, and communities to join together to strategically advance well-being.  SHA’s collective efforts enhance expertise, expand research, build supports for families, and strategically optimize health.

Formerly Texas Office for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities, Strategic Health Alliance has expanded its mission while maintaining its commitment to breaking down institutional barriers, strengthening collaboration, and embracing diverse perspectives in actively seeking ways to continuously improve health.  

This volunteer and community driven organization specialty areas include:

  • the needs of families around prenatal exposure to alcohol, opioids, other drugs, stress, and family violence, 
  • building supportive systems and services that improve the lives of people with complex brain based disabilities,
  • improving social/emotional development,
  • building resiliency and addressing trauma,
  • child welfare, and
  • consumer/community involvement in policy decisions.   

For more information on Strategic Health Alliance, including information on volunteer opportunities, obtaining consultation services for your organization, and internship possibilities, please contact Leah Davies at or 512-232-0740.