A simple online search can provide you with a vast amount of information on any one topic. The TCDS encourages you to ensure the information you obtain is correct so you can make informed decisions. Try these tips for your online searches.

  • Do not spend too much time searching... More is not always a good thing. Use a few sources that you trust.
  • Consider the source... Go to the experts on the topic you are researching.
  • Use current information... Check the date of the information you obtain. Recommendations can change based on research and policy. 
  • Check with your trusted professionals... Ask a trusted source if the information you find fits your situation.


Directory of Community Resources

  • This is a community maintainted directory that allows you to search by zip code and key word. 

Disability Policy Consortium

  • The DPC is an independent group of health and disability advocacy organizations committed to promoting the rights, inclusion and independence of Texans with disabilities. Consult this website for disability-related legilsative resources.

Disability Rights Texas

  • DRTx has resources on many topics that affect people with disabilities. Check out their resources.

Family to Family Network

  • By providing IEP parent support in Houston, education & training events on the special education process, developmental disabilities diagnosis information, and referral to community resources, Family to Family Network offers families of children with disabilities the opportunity to network with other families in order to learn from and help one another.

Texas Parent to Parent

  • Offers parent peer models for support related to disability issues. 

Texas Project FIRST

  • A project of the Texas Education Agency committed to providing accurate and consistent information to parents and families of students with disabilities.