Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I want to complete the portfolio in Critical Disability Studies?

  • If you are interested in disability and disability-related issues, this is an excellent portfolio to complete. It demonstrates your commitment to expanding your knowledge and awareness of disability issues, and your creativity in developing a cross-disciplinary program of study. This portfolio should give you a broad-based educational experience designed to promote innovative perspectives and develop leaders in the field of Critical Disability Studies.

Who do I contact if I just want more information about this portfolio?

  • The Texas Center for Disability Studies will happily answer any questions or discuss your interests. We can be reached at (512) 232-0772 or by

How will anyone know I’ve done this? Do I get a degree or a certificate or something?

  • The portfolio designation will be written on your transcript. You will certainly want to note it on your resume, particularly if you are listed as a trainee at the Texas Center for Disability Studies.

Are there any fees or costs associated with this?

  • None, other than the tuition and fees you pay for your courses.

Are there any funding opportunities associated with this portfolio program?

  • Doctoral students are eligible to apply for a traineeship at the Texas Center for Disability Studies. Traineeship requirements are negotiated individually, however, they may include some work experience and research opportunities.

Is there a degree in Critical Disability Studies offered at UT-Austin?

  • No, the portfolio program is not a degree program. The portfolio is an interdisciplinary minor.