Texas Sibling Network


The Texas Sibling Network aims to create a community for adult siblings of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Our Network will provide support, resources, leadership and advocacy skill building opportunities for siblings.  We recognize siblings have very different experiences and visions and we aim to provide a community to welcome and honor those experiences. 

The Texas Sibling Network is housed at TCDS, but we will expand to create local chapters throughout Texas in order to represent local experiences and tailor the chapters to these communities.  Our long-term vision is to have local chapters throughout Texas, on college and university campuses, and provide a hub of information for siblings. 

We have partnered with Texas Advocates and are working with several other disability organizations in order to be as inclusive, sustainable, and effective as possible. 

Please contact Nick Winges-Yanez for more information: nlw489@austin.utexas.edu OR (512) 232-0744.