Hilda Torres, MSSW

Hilda Torres has shoulder length black hair. She wears a great blouse and stands in front of a brick wall.

Research Program Coordinator, ADDM and PODER

As a Research Program Coordinator at the Texas Center for Disability Studies, Hilda works on the project coordination of the Austin, Texas site for the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network, a public health surveillance project funded by the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC). She is also part of the assessments team for PODER, a study designed to help close the research gap on the health of Latino children and adolescents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD).
Hilda graduated with her master's degree from Steve Hicks School of Social Work at UT Austin. She has 4 years of research experience working with Spanish-speaking immigrant populations and caregivers of children with IDD. She previously worked in a clinical setting providing brief behavioral health interventions for people experiencing post-partum depression, anxiety, and trauma. She is passionate about mental health advocacy and access across vulnerable communities.
On her free time Hilda goes on outdoor runs, paints, and hangs out with her nieces and nephews. She loves discovering new food spots in town and going swimming on a hot summer day. 
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