Adra Mersinger

Adra has shoulder-length brown hair. She wears round glasses, and a tweed jacket over a black blouse.

Social Science & Humanities Research Associate III

As the Social Science & Humanities Research Associate III, Adra works on the Texas Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (TX-ADDM) project through the ADDM Network at the Center for Disease Control (CDC). She is honored to be working at TCDS and the University of Texas at Austin.

A Central Texas Native, Adra graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. She has experience working within multiple facets of healthcare and education. Adra most recently worked as a registered behavior technician in ABA therapy and provided one-on-one direct therapy services to young children with an ASD diagnosis. She attributes her understanding and knowledge of ASD and personal growth to the time spent with the children and their families. Adra longs for all people with disabilities to have access to quality care.

In her free time, Adra enjoys spending quality time with friends and family exploring old and new places, listening to music and attending concerts, and cooking and eating delicious foods. She also has the most precious dog child, Billie Boo, whom she loves and adores so very much.

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