TEA Stakeholder Input

TEA Stakeholder Initiative: 

A Community Voice for Special Education

Through the Texas Education Agency funded Stakeholder Initiative, people impacted or interested in special education will have multiple opportunities to provide guidance to the TEA. Schools, students, families, communities, businesses who are committed to strengthening our workforce, and professionals across disciplines who work with children will be able to share their knowledge, skills, and insights with the TEA on improvements that can be made, while learning about how systems and services are delivered.  Inclusion of families whose children are in public, private and charter schools will be critical for the project, as well as families of marginalized communities, who research shows often do not obtain the access they need to critical special education opportunities.     

This initiative is part of the new special education plan that was developed to respond to widely publicized challenges of children in accessing special education and receiving the right combination of services.

Partners in this project include the Institute for Public School Initiatives, which is also part of the College of Education, and two prominent nonprofits, Knowbility and Texas Parent to Parent.  Together we will bring the community to the table, both on line and in person and build a communication bridge that will serve the children of Texas for years to come.

While the TEA has always provided systems for public input, through this grant we will provide a more structured approach that allows community input to become imbedded in the TEA decision making process.  

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For More Information

For more information on this project contact Janet Sharkis 
at sharkisjanet@utexas.edu