TCDS Posters

The perceptions and experiences of people with disabilities with the COVID-19 vaccines: Evidence from a Texas statewide survey

Authors: Weiwen Zeng, Sandy Magaña, Nazanin Heydarian, & Kate Thompson

Texas response to health equity: Texas partners for inclusive access (TPIA)

Authors: Sandy Magaña (TCDS), Vanessa Richards (CDD), Sean Jackson (DRTx), Weiwen Zeng (TCDS), Beth Stalvey (TCDD), & Anita Swanson (TTAP)

Descriptive and functional characteristics of children with ASD in Texas: Data to equitably guide service needs in Texas

Authors: Dr. Nina Zuna(Associate Director), Yehyang Lee (Trainee/Doctoral student) at Texas Center for Disability Studies, The University of Texas at Austin

Examining Overweight and Obesity Among Latino Children with and Without Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in a National Sample

Authors: Sandra B. Vanegas, PhD & Sandy Magaña, PhD, MSW

Towards health equity for Latinx families of children with IDD: A study examining determinants of health and health behaviors

Authors: Weiwen Zeng, Sandy Magaña, Nazanin Heydarian, & Vanessa Errisuriz