Roger Levy Retires!

The Texas Center for Disability Studies (TCDS) would like to take a moment to wish our friend and colleague, Roger Levy, director of Texas Technology Access Program (TTAP), the very best in his upcoming retirement, and tip our hats to his many contributions in service to the citizens of Texas, particularly those with disabilities.

Roger earned a B.A. in counseling and rehabilitation, as well as an M.A. in counseling from Marshall University (WV). In 2000, he attained additional certification as Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) from Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA). He has been an active member of many industry organizations, including the Society of Automotive Engineers, and was named 2004 Rehabilitation Professional, by the Texas Rehabilitation Association.

Roger began his professional career with the Texas Rehabilitation Commission (TRC) as a vocational rehabilitation counselor, and quickly developed a specialty for counseling persons with mobility limitations. He was later promoted to program specialist for rehabilitation engineering and technology, where he performed statewide job- and home-site assistive technology evaluations and assessments. He frequently worked side-by-side with engineers, fabricating equipment that didn’t exist, for needs that did. In 1986, he co-authored the TRC Standards for Vehicle Adaptations, a version of which is still in use, today.

Roger joined TTAP as program coordinator, in 2000, becoming director, in 2008. During his tenure, he has worked tirelessly to further its mission of promoting and increasing access to assistive technology. His team’s work has empowered thousands of Texans with disabilities to leverage technology to live better lives.

Roger – On behalf of all the people whose lives you’ve impacted through your dedication to service these past 42 years, THANK YOU! The ripple effects of your work will expand and be felt for many years. Salute!